About Project

About Project

HALA BAZAAR Complex (Salalah)

RISOT Industrial City is one of the important areas affiliated to the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (Madayn) that contributes to attracting industrial investments from inside and outside the Sultanate of Oman to become a leading regional center in the field of industrialization

Facilities offered to investors

The possibility of the foreign investor obtaining a 100% investment rate

Omani investors obtain exemption from customs duties and income taxes for the industrial sector for a period of five years.

Reducing electricity fees, in addition to providing job opportunities and soft loans

RISOT Industrial City contains all the infrastructure services necessary for investment and includes factories operating in various production fields, including

1. Canning of frozen fish and chicken

2. Plastic pipes and steel manufacturing

3. Medical supplies

4. Heaters powered by solar energy

5. Flour and fertilizers


Project Idea:

Warehouses and industrial lands are part of the Jewel of Salalah project, which is a project with an area of 300,000 square meters.

Recreational and recreational housing in addition to being a shopping center, and it currently consists of the following:

1. An industrial area and warehouses.

2. Administrative buildings.

3. Hala Bazaar.

4. Entertaining and entertaining.

Gross Area

Space Area

177800 m2

Occupied Area

72900 m2

Street area and services

49000 m2

The Total

300000 m2


228 shops of different sizes


The Area

139 m2

The number is m2


Total of m2

278 m2

The Area

38 m2

The number is m2


Total of m2

152 m2

The Total

430 m2


4 restaurants are available for rent to serve the complex

The Area

139 m2

The Number



456 m2

Nurseries Area

Four nurseries distributed among the warehouses